Roz Warren, Writing Coach Hates Gardening Articles

But she also likes titles with her name in them

MaryClare StFrancis, M.A.
2 min readMay 30, 2023


Photo by MaryClare StFranics

Roz Warren, Writing Coach hates gardening articles, as you can see in the attached article below. She does, however, like titles with her name in them, and so I thought that she might enjoy a picture of the first sunflower of the season from my urban Mary Garden.

There has to be something to make this ghetto neighborhood prettier. I don’t call it a ghetto to be disrespectful, it’s what it is. I actually like living in this concrete jungle for the most part, and a rose garden for Mother Mary is a good use of the space.

When I was tagging this article, I saw that Roz Warren has her own tag.

Hey this article had zero politics, drugs, sex, or any of the good stuff. Sorry for the disappointment. If you want to know about all the places I’ve had sex, those details are in other articles. Hint: wash you thrift store clothes before you wear them, as the donation bins are a private place to have sex if you’re homeless…

I wouldn’t know anything about that, of course. If you believe that, I have stuff to sell you.

I hope that this joke was funny and not tiresome. This is me in my bipolar manic phase and I call it…