The Deliverance of Mary Magdalene

Picture by MaryClare StFrancis

Y ou were so grateful,
For your deliverance
From the demons that possessed you
So long and so completely
So aware of your own sins,
That Jesus had forgiven,
So thankful for the healing he gave,
That in humility,
In your incredible,
Love of Jesus,
You knelt on the floor,
With a bowl of water,
And a fresh, clean cloth,
That you had already prepared,
Bowed your face to the ground,
In worship and reverence,
Washed the feet of Jesus,
Dried his feet with your long hair,
And rubbed a beautifully scented
And very expensive salve,
Into the very feet of Jesus,
Your deliverer,
Your healer.

Y ou were the first witness,
To the power of his resurrection,
For you were faithful even to the end,
You knelt at the cross,
Under his feet I imagine,
As close as they allowed you to be,
Weeping, along with his mother,
Long after the men had deserted him.
You felt the grief,
Mourned the loss,
Loved him deeply,
Followed him wholeheartedly.
I ask you, Mary of Magdala,
You who were exorcized by Jesus,
Who experienced such deep healing and forgiveness
Deeper than most will ever know,
As your sins, like mine, were many,
You knew such lonely darkness,
And you came to me in mine.
And I ask you, in humility and awe,
To pray that I will love him as deeply as you did,
That I will trust in his power to continue to deliver me,
That I will never leave him to return again to evil,
Which the Bible says is seven times worse
Than when we were delivered.

L ord Jesus Christ,
Son of the Living and true God,
Have mercy on me in my distress,
For I have sinned.
Deliver me from my misery,
As you did for Mary Magdalene.
I hope that I will love you as much as she did.



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MaryClare StFrancis, M.A.

MaryClare StFrancis, M.A.


She/her. I write memoirs, feature articles, essays, poetry, and more.